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National Standards

Canadian Transit Rail Standards Development Program

Why ?

Passenger Rail in Canada is currently being developed without the guidance of one set of National Standards specific to Transit needs.

The Canadian Transit Rail Standards Development Program is aimed to promote the creation of national standards to build, operate and maintain Rail/Transit Systems across Canada.

We are pleased to announce that we are building strong relationships with key stakeholders to make this need a reality.

Identified areas which need development

Our Board Director Ignacio Sanz and our Standards Committee curated a list regarding fixed assets , to focus on the development of standards which most urgently need to be addressed. We are looking for the feedback of our members.

  • Stations (instead of using building codes)

  • Structural Stations (elevated, underground, at grade)

  • NFPA equivalent but focused on Canadian market

  • Track (light rail/passenger), high speed track

  • Signalling, CBTC

  • Railway structures

  • Cable containment

  • OCS/Catenary

  • Stray current 


Our Goals

  • Engage all our members, through a series of Round Tables;

  • Prioritize the Standards which will make building, maintaining and operating transit rail safer, more sustainable, and more cost-efficient;

  • Engage subject matter experts from around the globe;

  • Produce a solid report detailing the technical considerations and useful innovations and the challenges we find when building and maintaining public transit rail, arriving at a final document of utmost safety, suitability, equality, and consideration of all stakeholders involved;

  • Partner up with an organization who can carry this document through rigorous processes to develop it into a Standard for the Canadian Industry.

What Our Members Can Do

  • Join our Volunteer Group;

  • Offer feedback via surveys;

  • Recommend experts in the subject matters dealt with so we reach out to them;

  • Volunteer your team members' time to contribute to this endeavour.

Train approaching to station in downtown of Toronto at sunrise


TRACCS' mission is to stabilize cost and ensure adequate and qualified resources to perform the work safely and efficiently.

We aim to achieve:


  • Improved and consistent safety standards in the field for rail safety

  • Coordinated and proper training for workers within the unions, colleges and universities

  • Advocacy for proper certification and assurances for companies to work in rail environments

  • Opportunity to share best practices within the industry

  • Networking

  • Ongoing training and technology updates from around the world

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