What is TRACCS?

Transit Rail Association for Canadian Contractors, Maintainers and Standards

TRACCS is a Non-Profit Association of subcontractors and maintainers in rail, OCS, signal construction, and communication system coming together to serve the needs of its members and the industry by:

•Improving the safety and qualifications

•Promote proper training within Unions

•Engage Agencies and Government

•Sharing best practices, and efficiency of building, maintaining and operating rail and transit in Canada.


To advocate for the growth and sustainability of the industry and promote the national standards for training and safety building Rail/Transit Systems across Canada.

Our Focus 

  • Grow Industry

  • Stabilize Cost

  • Standardize the industry - level playing field

  • Sustainable/Futureproof

  • Safe Environment for All

To Advocate rail and safety and standards within the industry on behalf of rail and transit contractors and maintainers 


Our Concerns

The significant increase in the demand for experienced workers, specially with overhead, signalling, trackwork and systems experience, in the rail/transit environment


Stakeholders understands risk, requirements and/or complexities of working in rail/transit projects;


Consistent standards for safety and skillsets for all Stakeholders involved

TRACCS Mission

TRACCS mission is to stabilize cost, ensure adequate resources and have qualified people to perform work safely and efficiently.

TRACCS aims to achieve:-

•Improved and consistent safety standards in the field for rail safety

•Coordinated and proper training for workers within the unions, colleges and universities

•Advocacy for proper certification and assurances for companies to work in rail environments

•Opportunity to share best practices within the industry


•Ongoing training and technology updates from around the world