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I am a member this year. Can I get the discount code to book our booth?

The discount we offer for TRACCS Rail Day 2024 is a benefit for 2024 members.

Our memberships run from January 1st to December 31st of the year.

If you already want to secure your space at Rail Day 2024, you may complete the Membership Sign Up Form here, and we will email you the invoice, which you will be able to pay in January 2024.

Complete the form and connect with our team.


I am a member and I want to buy a Sponsorship for the event. Why isn't the code working?

Our TRACCS Rail  Day 2024 Sponsorships are exclusive for our members. The Member Discount is already factored in the sales price.


I am not a member but I want to be a member in 2024 to get the discount. What should I do if I don't want to wait?

As soon as you sign up for the 2024 Membership, you can start enjoying the Members Benefits immediately.

Complete the Membership Sign Up Form here, and we will support you in the registration process.


What does it mean if a booth has a yellow star in it?

It means that it is considered Preferential Placement.

Members who opt to get a Sponsorship of any kind have the benefit of Preferential Placement included.

Members who are not  planning to become sponsors, but want those locations have the possibility to purchase it from the Online Store (Add-Ons section)

Companies who are not members do not have this opportunity.


How can I pay for our booth or sponsorship?

You can pay with credit card, or manually by sending a bank transfer or a cheque.

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If your question wasn't answered here, please submit your question for our team to offer clarification.

Thanks for submitting!

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