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Silver $3,000 + tax
Spnsorships are a benefit offered to members only.


Presence online every two weeks

Ad in newsletter

Logos in banners and event guide

Includes 100 ft2 of space anywhere in the show (equivalent to Medium Booth, value of $1,500 + tax at Early Bird Prices)

Access to free private meeting rooms

Rail Day Silver Sponsor

Excluding GST/HST
  • TRACCS Events are designed and executed with the goal to offer our members opportunities in alignment with our mission to stabilize cost and ensure adequate and qualified resources to perform the work safely and efficiently.

    TRACCS aims to achieve: 

    • Improved and consistent safety standards in the field for rail safety
    • Coordinated and proper training for workers within the unions, colleges and universities
    • Advocacy for proper certification and assurances for companies to work in rail environments
    • Opportunity to share best practices within the industry
    • Networking
    • Ongoing training and technology updates from around the world

    Please see our website for more details about how we work to achieve those goals.

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